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Stage of Life hosts a monthly student writing contest for high school students and teenagers.

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Or is it a sneak peak of what the story is (like when you read a story that has a 2nd book to it and they put the 1st 2 chapters at the end of the book for the next story).It usually takes two to three weeks to judge all the entries.

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Unfortunately, we only accept stories in this particular competition.

Everyone who entered this competition will receive a certificate.

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Hi Matthew, always great to hear about enthusiastic young writers like you.

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Information on entry and requirements of this annual contest.

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Writing classes for kids and teens, writing tips, writing competitions, how to write books.When I enter competitions like this I always submit the first page of the manuscript rather than the prologue.Just checking if this is right for the 2nd Quarter writing competition.

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Hi Dee, I might have missed it but have the Nov Comp results come out yet.Once again I have made the decision to publish more than ten entries because there were so many great stories.

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Thank you to everyone who entered the Fall Writing Competition.We also have some teachers who are interested in writing professionally and they might be interested in submitting pieces as well.I recently turned 18 this year but I cannot figure out how to send the fee.I am also hoping to run a picture book competition at the blog at some stage.Judging is currently taking place and results will be announced in the next week or so.Dee, Question: How many times are you permitted to enter the First Page comp.The latest writing competition, A day in the life is now closed.

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I only own Ariel Black and I have no New Roman font on my computer, so shall I use the Ariel Black.All of the curriculum at our school is in English so they will be submitting their writing pieces in English.

These writing contests for teens are a great way to earn a little extra cash and experience.This will help you pick up any typing mistakes or where you have accidentally left a word out or repeated it.

If you fancy yourself as a travel writer, enter our annual travel writing competition for the chance to win an amazing 17-day safari to Madagascar.Each writer who enters receives a certificate and the prize for the top ten entries is that they will be published in an e-book.If your work is selected you will receive a free copy of the CK issue in which your work appears.Thanks for posting the intended themes list for your quarterly comps.Hello, I have just read the above post and noticed this competition.

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Legacy Novice Award for a First Year Entrant in Writing...Make the Top Pick list and your writing will be read by a HarperCollins editor.

They want to get an idea of what sort of story it is and where the story might be heading.They want to meet your characters and see how you introduce them.

That makes it fair for everyone because then they will be submitting the same amount.View listing of writing contests for poets, short story writers and other forms of writing.How many pages does it have to be and I cant find the email to send it and is it ok if I just ok if I paste it.Writing contest format is short-essay (500 words or less). Winners.You can enter from anywhere in the world as long as your entry is in English.