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Okay here is the question: a) what is the internal resistance of a voltage source if its terminal voltage drops by 2 V when the current supplied increases by 5 A.The terminal voltage of a cell that is neither charging nor discharging is called the open-circuit voltage and equals the emf of the cell.

From my basic knowledge, power is generated by electrons wandering from the minus to the.

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FET Definition and types. controls the flow of current in other terminal.Terminal velocity definition, the velocity at which a falling body moves through a medium, as air, when the force of resistance of the medium is equal in magnitude.Just a general electronics question: What is negative voltage, like -5 Volt.

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I think we talk around the real definition so much we actually begin to believe that we understand what it means when in reality we do not.When current flows however energy (potential) is lost overcoming internal resistance and the terminal voltage decreases.Definition of voltage, terminal in the Definitions.net dictionary.Primary and Secondary Electrical Distribution Systems Critical Facilities Round Table 12th Quarterly Membership Meeting June 2, 2006 David D. Roybal.

Definition of TERMINAL VOLTAGE: The voltage at the terminals of a piece of electrical equipment, eg an electrical machine or a power supply.I am in College Physics, we can not use calculus for an answer.

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The result of this is that as more current is drawn the terminal p.d. will drop.

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Terminal value The value of a bond at maturity, typically its par value, or the value of an asset (or an entire firm) on some specified future valuation date. Usually.

We model this by thinking of a cell as a source of e.m.f. in series with a resistor whose resistance is the internal resistance.A terminal voltage that remains constant under changing load conditions is the principal.

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This potential differnce requires a different name from the voltage across a resistor.

Free tutorial on Electromotive Force, Terminal Voltage and Internal Resistance of an electric cell or battery.


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Cells, batteries, dynamos, solar pannels etc produce a potential difference that can induce current.Alternator Voltage Regulator Terminal Designations System Auxiliary Battery Negative Battery Positive Battery Positive (Ignition) Computer Feedback.The e.m.f. of a source (a device which supplies electrical energy) is defined as the energy converted to electrical energy when unit of charge (i.e. 1 coulomb) passes through it.A resistor causes a decrease in potential as energy leaves the circuit normally in the form of heat.

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Relation between Terminal Voltage and EMF of a cell while the cell is being charged.EMF is the voltage generated by a source like battery or generator. 2. We can measure voltage between any two.