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There are two essays required as part of the Gilman Scholarship application: the Statement of Purpose Essay and the Follow-on Service Project Proposal.

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The essays are your chance to tell the selection panelists about yourself and your decision to study abroad.The scholarship that I was granted was through the alumni chapter.D) a scholarship gilman essay example report of the term: Or still more valuable, and more plausible assertion.32 therefore, if you.

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Published on Sep 29, 2010 Advisors who have served on the Gilman National Review Panel share tips on writing the Statement of Purpose and Follow-on Project Essays.Your essay should be composed in paragraph format (not as numbered responses to the questions in the application).

Consider consulting with the study abroad office to address any challenges or needs your home institution faces in order to offer support through your project and positively impact your campus and peers.

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These could include, but are not limited to, being a parent, being a non-traditional student, having a learning or physical disability, being in a field of study for which it is difficult to incorporate study abroad, etc.

Briefly outline your proposed project to promote the Gilman Scholarship and international education.Come to the Gilman Scholarship Essay Review and get feedback on your application essays from.

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This is by no means an exhaustive list and we look forward to continuing to receive unique, individual proposals from all applicants.

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Review the following tips to help you compose competitive essays and view the Composing Competitive Essays video for additional support.How will this project impact your home university or home community.Submitting a weekly or monthly article on their experiences overseas to their campus or hometown newspaper while the students are abroad, thereby sharing information with a wide range of readers and including information on the Gilman Scholarship.Keep in mind that you are limited to 7,000 characters (including spaces) per essay.

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Take the first draft of your essay to your campus writing center or to a composition professor.

Gilman Scholarship Published on 2016-12-13 08:03:41 from Refer to each term for specific dates on the deadlines and timelines for the application cycle.

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Scholarship Application Essays GILMAN SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION TIPS.Participating in their local high school College Night to share information on study abroad opportunities and scholarships.Gilman Scholarship is a federally funded scholarship managed by the U.S Department of State Bureau.The most competitive applications are those that have interesting and original essays.This will allow you to save your essays and ensure that your information is not lost due to session timeout (approximately 15 minutes of inactivity).The Gilman Scholarship deadline for Spring 2017 and Summer 2017 (early application) study abroad programs and internships is 9:59 p.m.