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In 1946 he was caught attempting to reclaim a stolen watch he had left for repairs, and the police raided his apartment and arrested him and his accomplices, including two white women.Despite his obvious talent, his status as an African American in the 1930s prompted his English teacher to discourage Malcolm from pursuing a professional career.MMI, Malcolm stated, would be a broad-based black nationalist organization intended to advance the spiritual, economic, and political interests of African Americans.He was then introduced to another side of the place of where he was living, the dangerous street life.In that regard, Denzel Washington who does a superb job conveying the zeal, body language, and speaking style of the public Malcolm renders a private Malcolm who is rather saccharine and humorless.Feeling brotherhood with white-skinned Muslims, he returns to the.Increasingly, Malcolm was seen as the national spokesman for the Black Muslims, and he was often sought out for his opinion on public issues.From 1941 to 1943, he lived in Roxbury with his half-sister ella lee little-collins.

On March 26, Malcolm met for the first and only time with Martin Luther King, in Washington, D.C. King at the time was scheduled to testify on the pending civil rights act of 1964.He soon announced the creation of his own organization, Moslem Mosque, Incorporated (MMI), which would be based in New York.He was shot to death at a rally of his followers at a Harlem ballroom.The assassination of Malcolm X made headlines in almost every newspaper, magazine, and broadcast.

After much struggle, the welfare agency split the family among various foster homes and orphanages.He adapted well to the New York City street life and rose quickly in the criminal world.In 1953, Malcolm left his half-sister Ella in Boston to stay with Elijah Muhammad in Chicago.The director had to obtain millions in gifts from prominent African American entertainers and athletes to continue the film while Warner Brothers feuded with a bond company.He began holding meetings in Harlem at which he enunciated the policies and programs of his new organizations.

In 1990, twenty-five years after his assassination, Malcolm X and his ideas were still a huge component in the ongoing debate about race relations.Malcolm became known as Detroit Red, for his red shock of hair.The End of White World Supremacy: Four Speeches, edited and with an introduction by Benjamin Goodman, Merlin House, 1971.During the next months Malcolm X made several trips to Africa and Europe and one to Mecca.

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For a time his mother and her eight children lived on public welfare.

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Join now to read essay Malcolm X Biography and other term papers or research documents.Breitman, George, ed. 1970. By Any Means Necessary: Speeches, Interviews, and a Letter.Work represented in anthologies, including 100 and More Ouotes by Garvey, Lumumba, and Malcolm X, compiled by Shawna Maglangbayan, Third World Press, 1975.

McDaniel, Melissa, Spike Lee: On His Own Terms, Danbury, 1999.Again he changed his name, this time to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.Malcolm X Malcolm X (1925-1965), African American civil rights leader, was a major 20th-century spokesman for black nationalism.

Political Profiles: The Kennedy Years, edited by Lichtenstein, Facts on File, 1976.Haskins, Jim, Spike Lee: By Any Means Necessary, New York, 1997.Research Paper On Malcolm X Versatile vocabulary, the world malcolm x research paper when was born on my essay review research paper malcolm x bio are reliable.The reality dawned on him that advocating racial cooperation and brotherhood would help resolve the racial problems in America and, hopefully, lead to a peaceful coexistence throughout the world.

In 1958 he married Sister Betty X, who had earlier joined the Nation of Islam as Betty Sanders.White America had always been hateful and violent toward blacks: 244 years of slavery had been followed by 100 years of segregation.He fell in with a group of gamblers and thieves, and began shining shoes at the Roseland State Ballroom.He believed that the civil rights gains made in America were only tokenism.

A week later, Malcolm X, his wife (pregnant with twin girls), and four daughters went to the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, New York, where he would speak for the last time.He derided the civil-rights movement and rejected both integration and racial equality, calling instead for black separatism, black pride, and black self-dependence.Malcolm now had the privilege of learning the teaching directly from Muhammad.Malcolm was transferred in 1948 to an experimental and progressive prison program in Norfolk, Massachusetts.

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As a result of a pilgrimage he took to Mecca in April 1964, he modified his views of black separatism, declaring that he no longer believed whites to be innately evil and acknowledging his vision of the possibility of world brotherhood.His assassination may have been authorized by the Black Muslims.

On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City, in front of a large crowd that included his wife and children.Members of the Nation of Islam were instructed not to speak to him.An elaborate dance hall sequence has Malcolm hurrying home a respectable black woman in order to return for a tryst with Sophia, a white woman who will become his consort.In 1952 Malcolm was released from prison and went to Chicago to meet Elijah Muhammad.Malcolm became frustrated at having to restrain his comments.Malcolm soon picked up tricks of the trade in surviving on the streets of a large Black ghetto.