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The regular rhyme scheme -- A-B-C-C-B -- gives the poem a nursery-rhyme quality.Mark while going with his grandmother to where she cleans realizes how good the wealthy people have it.The absence of equal opportunity is clearly portrayed in the book.Nathan abandons the family to live with another woman while Richard and his brother alan are still very young.

The schools were over crowded, there was a major shortage of teachers, and the children were constantly beaten for not paying their school fees.Life itself can also be considered a heroic journey for any person, but within the heroic journey from birth till death, there are much smaller, and more limited journeys.Drawing on specific examples from Kaffir Boy, explain why apartheid was a pernicious system that dehumanized.

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Working as servants for whites was one of the better jobs for black women.

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Kaffir boy is written by Mark Mathabane as an autobiography which is in point of fact the narration of the story by the author himself.

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The Smith family, which only has three members, lives in a huge estate, when the house of the Mathabane family, which has nine members, is nothing more than a mere shack.This book is tells the story of how he got through major problems growing up and how he used football to forget about every problem he ever had.

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As Shaun progressed in football he was bringing excitement to every game he played when Shaun was in the sixth grade he was playing in a fourteen and under league and he caught the eyes of many high schools.All treated horribly, they see that the world has nothing good to offer them at all.Racial Discrimination, has already been a long term phenomenon, in existent in almost all societies in different eras and civilization.

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They were arrested and put in jail if their passbooks were not in order.

I always knew he was a pretty good person from the postgame interviews that I saw, but something that really stood out from his interviews was that he was always thanking god for his accomplishments, and he was also striving to be the best not only on the field but to society.

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I had read a small article about Shaun and it lead me to want to know more of him.

In the small article that I read it had said that he had multiple charities to help young boys and girls across the nation.

During another raid, his father is arrested for temporary unemployment and the family suffers.

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Mathabane and his family, like all other blacks in South Africa, became victims of a racially abusive system that existed until the early nineties.Apartheid is a policy of segregation and economic discrimination against non-whites.His mother, knowing she will be beaten by her husband, still puts her son in school because she knows it will be his key to a new life.Montanari English 11 Honors October 24, 2015 Race has played a.

That is one of the scenes he had to live through every morning in apartheid South Africa.Blacks only received enough education to enable them to work for whites.

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